TAE and Personal Growth

TAE and LIfe or Work related Issues
TAE and LIfe or Work related Issues

There are two aspects of TAE and personal growth. TAE steps can be used to enhance the Focusing process and TAE can be used to work on a personal problem.


"To begin a TAE procedure one needs to have – right there —a deep, bodily, palpable sense of something in one‘s field of knowledge . . . A felt sense for TAE comes only in midst of the personal“, and yet it is different from all the personal“ concerns everyone‘s body is always carrying." (Gendlin, Folio 2000-2004, p.11).


Gendlin makes a distinction between a TAE felt sense and personal concerns. In my experience, in a  TAE process the TAE felt sense and the personal concerns are very often linked. So TAE can address both the bodily expert knowing AND the personal problem.


  • TAE processes about career change resulted mostly in working on personal problems.
  • In TAE courses participants mostly chose personal problems to work on.
  • The "Giving Language to Stress" phone course shows impressively how TAE can be tailored and applied for overcoming personal problems. A quote of one of the participants brings it to a point:

“I was able to really get to the crux of some major issues of my whole life. And it helped me through a medical crisis during the five-week course. It was a wonderful addition for me to use with regular focusing and I definitely want to continue to study TAE I now have more tools to work with living.”


 You find more about TAE and personal growth here.


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