APPLIED TAE—TAE Applications

APPLIED TAE is a Crossing
APPLIED TAE is a Crossing

APPLIED TAE is a crossing of Thinking at the Edge and concepts such as  life or work related issues.

It is a crossing of TAE and Domain Focusing.


APPLIED TAE emphasizes the practicability of Thinking at the Edge.  The TAE House shows the process at one glance.


APPlED TAE is specifically designed  for personal growth, for professional development and for theory construction in science.


With APPLIED TAE, you learn how to use TAE steps in Focusing or other growth methods and how to include TAE steps in Trainings and Coaching.


APPLIED TAE is expanded by adding action steps and interaction. It promotes action and interaction such that the outcome of a TAE process can directly affect your life.


Principles of Thinking at the Edge

  • Zigzagging is the movement between experiencing and verbal symbolization. Zigzagging is one driving force of the TAE process to lay out the implicit knowing.
  • Crossing is essential in TAE to create newness: Crossing of instances, crossing of terms/words and crossing of fields.
  • Logically connecting terms will create further newness AND steadiness AND accuracy.
  • Interacting is essential to apply other concepts and theories into your own theory in order to prove your theory.


New Three-person APPLIED TAE phone courses to start.


You have the choice:


Besides the APPLIED TAE Basic workshop and three-person phone course, there is now also an APPLIED TAE Intensive. This course goes slower and deeper.