How to start?

I do individual sessions and three-person sessions by phone, Skype or Zoom, and in person. I can do sessions in either German or English.


There are many topics you might work on with TAE. It is important that you chose a topic from a field in which you have experience. This could be a work-related topic, a field of special interest or something that disturbs you in a field of knowledge. You can find examples of TAE themes  here.



Individual TAE sessions

In individual sessions, I guide you through your process in expressing your implicit knowing and then building a theory. I include as much teaching as you like, but you are also welcome to work on your topic without as much teaching. I follow your pace and we can go as far as you'd like to go. Individual sessions are a vital experience that demonstrate how TAE organically supports the creation of new concepts coming out of your felt meaning. Contact


Three-person TAE sessions or phone course

I created a format to teach TAE and to guide TAE processes with three people.This format combines the advantage of a group and the advantage of being guided individually. For each step, I demonstrate with a first person. Then, I explain the step and there is space for questions and discussions about the process. We split into two pairs, and I then guide a second person while the first person listens to the third person. You are encouraged to practice in partnerships in between the three-person sessions.


For everyone who likes a group environment, the three-person sessions are very suitable. The three-person concept is good for people who have a common first language. It also provides a low-budget alternative. I am offering six 1.5-hour classes for this process. Contact


Domain Focusing coaching

Focusing is a precondition to do TAE. I use Domain Focusing in teaching and guiding TAE. Domain Focusing coaching is a module of my TAE training program, but you are welcome to do some sessions whenever you want to join a workshop or a three-person session and you do not have (sufficient) experience in Domain Focusing. Contact



New Three-person APPLIED TAE phone courses to start.


You have the choice:


Besides the APPLIED TAE Basic workshop and three-person phone course, there is now also an APPLIED TAE Intensive. This course goes slower and deeper.