APPLIED TAE Workshop in Israel, June 2013

I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience in your TAE course. You took a subject which I have tried to learn with little success and made it possible for me to grasp and own. I have a new, useful, practical way of thinking—that I can use to make my dream come true—to write my book and bring these ideas of personal growth to more and more people. I come out of your course with a handful of new ideas and action steps. Actually, I feel I am a different person now. Your leading was warm, interesting, authentic, knowledgeable and light. These five days went by very quickly and were very enjoyable. I look forward to learning more from you and perhaps helping you to bring these deep and inspiring ideas to more and more people around the world.

With love and great appriciation,

Sally Tadmor, Focusing Teacher and Coach, Israel


It was very nice to meet you, and  it was very intresting and meaningful for me learning TAE with you. Thanks for bringing creativity closer to me.

Janet Peleg, Israel

Phone Course "Giving Language to Stress"

TAE: Giving Language to Stress offered me a visceral understanding of the process of TAE. I was deeply committed to learning due to the importance for me of the topic. The depth of understanding of my own process in imaging and naming my stress experience transformed as I moved through the process. I wouldn’t have believed the depth of that transformation. As each week passed, I was sure I had reached the bottom of the well of understanding only to find an even more spacious and life-giving position.

Georgia Kosciusko, Maine, USA


It was a good and worthwhile course. Stress was a way in to the TAE work that seems universal. It was a therefore a good choice, but I was mostly interested in learning about TAE. I started out with a great amount of curiosity about the TAE process. It sounded to me similar to the internal steps that I use to write an academic research that were spelled out and could be used to teach students how to find that illusive gap in choosing a research project.


The process would be of excellent use at the college level for teaching research writing. TAE could also easily be used to write poetry or to teach poetry writing. I will use it as a method for writing an autoethnography for my dissertation in composition and tesol (teaching English to speakers of other languages).

Astrid Parish, FL, USA


I enjoyed very much the classes I attended and acutely feel the unfinished process, with a sensation of being on the verge of…So for now, my many thanks for the class

Sigal Aviel, Israel


TAE has offered me a new way to start to explore and bring together my felt experience with the “dry” intellectualism of modern medicine and rehabilitation.

Catherine Walter, United Kingdom


At the beginning it felt like I was walking into the woods. In the middle of the woods it was new territory and I didn't know which path to go down. But somehow it all came together and I now am on the other side of the woods.

Giving Language to Stress helped me create a new way of being with a stressful situation. Evelyn’s and Beatrice’s explanation and examples of the TAE steps allowed me to expand and fine-tune a supportive statement that came from my knowing and experience. It feels great to be able to use my own words to help me in stressful situations. Thanks.

Betty Szatkowski, NJ, USA


I worked on memory or remembering. These last two classes were like a revelation. Diving into a whole new theory of remembering and forgetting, that took me much deeper. I see how TAE can work. I see the power of it, how it can expand more and more. It's exciting.

Dana Ganihar, Israel


I was not working on stress, but on my own topic. I found something that was surprising and exciting. Something I hadn't heard or seen before. Actually new. The healing statements that come out of each person (in the class) feel valid for me, universal.

Joel Agee, NY, USA


I'm amazed by this process. From the first class where I felt completely lost, the course was confusing to my conventional way of thinking about things. Each week seemed to unhook the way my normal mind works. It's amazing.

Claire Ameson, CA, USA


I was impressed to see how everyone was able to bring something new into their thinking.

Anne Grossetete, Boston, USA




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