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TAE anwenden bei innovativen Projekten, als Führungskraft, zur Teambildung und im Coaching:

Dr. Evelyn Fendler-Lee - Horizonte öffnen


Applying TAE to innovative projects, leadership, team-building, and coaching:

Dr. Evelyn Fendler-Lee - Opening Horizons


Universität Würzburg: Forschung & Projekte - Erlebensbezogenes Denken


Deutsches Ausbildungsinstitut für Focusing und Focusing-Therapie DAF



The Focusing Institute TAE

TAE steps:     English       German


Domain Focusing and Macroshifting

Robert L. Lee Focusingnow


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New Three-person APPLIED TAE phone courses to start.


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Besides the APPLIED TAE Basic workshop and three-person phone course, there is now also an APPLIED TAE Intensive. This course goes slower and deeper.