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Dr. Evelyn Pross
Dr. Evelyn Pross

I am so enthusiastic about TAE. For me, it is such an adventure to practice, guide and teach TAE. TAE connects the person with a topic of experience. TAE links logical thinking and intuition as well as science and experiencing. TAE combines my "old" life as a material scientist in the chemical and automotive industry, and my "new" life as a trainer and coach where I support creation and innovation as well as personal and professional growth. 


I live in Möckmühl, Germany, a town, located between Stuttgart, Würzburg and Heidelberg. I also spend several months per year in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US. My first language is German and I am fluent in English.

Thinking at the Edge and Focusing training

I came to Focusing in 2004 with four years of person-centered counseling training with Dieter Mueller and Hejo Feuerstein (German Focusing Institute). I was certified as a Focusing trainer in 2010 by The Focusing Institute, New York (TFI) and have gone on to study Domain Focusing with Robert Lee. I participated a TAE course taught by Hejo Feuerstein and Heinke Deloch in 2008. I meet frequently with Donata Schoeller and Hanspeter Muelethaler to practice TAE, get a deeper understanding of TAE and develop new fields for TAE. With them I studied TAE and philosophy with Gene Gendlin during meetings in February and April of 2013. Gene Gendlin encouraged me to continue my path and I continued my work with him with TAE exchanges.

Thinking at the Edge experience

I often used TAE myself, for things like developing business plans, developing coaching and training concepts and in my writing process. I developed “APPLIED TAE” as a crossing of TAE with Domain Focusing, to better deal with life, work and business related issues. I developed a three-person format to teach TAE on Skype, phone and in person. I teach APPLIED TAE at universities and I teach internationally APPLIED TAE workshops. I give presentations about APPLIED TAE at conferences and meetings. I use Focusing and TAE elements in training, coaching and counseling. I've guided more than 50 TAE processes about career change, expressing professional knowledge and personal growth. Since 2015, I am the TAE trainer at DAF (German Educational Institute for Focusing and Focusing Therapy). 

Professional Career

Since 2009, I have been a self-employed coach, counselor and trainer, focusing on stimulating innovation and making work environments more supportive of life and creativity. Before that, I was working as a material scientist for 20 years in well-respected research institutes and in the chemical and automotive industry as a manager and project leader. During that time, I became more interested in individual, social and organizational issues as factors of success in research and development.

Academic Education

I studied geology and mineralogy at the University of Stuttgart. I graduated with a diploma in mineralogy in 1982. I then continued my studies in material science and received a doctoral degree in the field. My dissertation was carried through at the Max-Planck-Institute of Metal Science, Stuttgart. 


I studied work and organizational psychology at the Distance Learning University of Hagen, Germany.  I focused on system theories, communication in organizations, motivation and action theories, leadership and groups, learning and innovation, and qualitative research approaches. I graduated with a master's degree in Organizational Psychology in 2009.


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Besides the APPLIED TAE Basic workshop and three-person phone course, there is now also an APPLIED TAE Intensive. This course goes slower and deeper.