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APPLIED TAE - Thinking at the edge
APPLIED TAE - Thinking At The Edge

Do you like meaningful thinking?

Are you a creative or curios person?

Do you want to track and change your habits?

Do you carry around ideas you can't bring to life?

Have you ever thought about building your own theory?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, Thinking at the Edge (TAE) could be your journey into your implicit knowledge.


TAE involves building new concepts and theories about topics where you have a depth of experience. EVERYONE has a depth of experience in some field, be it in the professional or private arena. Use TAE to find the answers to questions or problems you have been holding onto for a long time.


The TAE process is a philosophical practice developed by Eugene Gendlin and based on his philosophy of the implicit. TAE is a pathway into unexpressed fields and unexpected depth. TAE is more than a creative thinking process, it is a linking of prelingual experiencing and logical thinking. TAE is a method to build theories in science and about life. With TAE you practice on the edge of an implicit knowing and an explicit form.

Do you want to learn more about Thinking at the Edge and APPLIED TAE?  You are invited to experience TAE during a free 30 minutes session. Feel free to contact me.


New Three-person APPLIED TAE phone courses to start.


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Besides the APPLIED TAE Basic workshop and three-person phone course, there is now also an APPLIED TAE Intensive. This course goes slower and deeper.